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Professional High-Speed 
Wireless AV Presenter
Datasheet (PDF)

ClickView is a wireless Presentation system that transmits Audio and Video wirelessly to the Display Devices. ClickView  captures  from Mobile Phones, Tablets, Notebooks, Desktops  and  transmits  to Display devices wirelessly in real time. It's easy and convenient to use, Plug and Play. Requires no wiring thereby improving installation and operation.

Highlights & features
  • No Wires Required

  • Compatible with multiple Devices and Multiple Platforms

  • Plug & Play

  • 2.4 g + 5.8g  intelligent Dual-Band  transmission

  • Lossless Signal Transmission up  to 35m

  • HDMI Port 1.4 Version

  • Supports signals up  to  Full High Definition Resolutions

  • Wireless Presentations

  • Wireless Switching Applications

  • Video Conferencing Applications

  • Auditoriums, Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms

  • Conference Hall, Seminar Halls, Theatres

  • Classroom Application

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