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HDMI 2.0 Multi-Viewer / Cam-Viewer / Video-Processor in 4K Resolution
Datasheet (PDF)

QuadView is a 4K Ultra HD Video Processing Device. It is a four video input Processor and Control device. It can display up to 4 high Definition video inputs on a Single Display Device. It can display video input feeds in Four 
Window mode, Single Screen mode, 2 Screen Mode, combinations of Picture In Picture. QuadView4K adopts pure hardware design which means it does not needs to load complex operating system and software. No effect on processing due to resource sharing or virus infection. The system can be used within 5 seconds of booting and it is easy, stable and convenient  to operate.

Highlights & Features
  • 4k Ultra High Definition Resolution

  • High brightness, Rich Colours

  • Digital Noise  reduction, Colour Optimization  thereby  improving  the contrast

  • Multiple Screen Layouts Support

  • Supports HDCP 1.2and HDMI 1.4v

  • Supports Multiple control modes: Front Panel, RS-232, Web  Interface

  • Pure Hardware Design, no crash  Issues, Virus  Infection  threats 

  • Stable and High Efficiency

  • Hardware Video Conferencing

  • Multiviewing Applications

  • Professional High Definition Surveillance System

  • Auditoriums, Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms

  • Conference Hall, Seminar Halls, Theatres

  • Company Receptions

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