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HPS Controller (with Look at Me)
HPS Host
HPS Participants 
HPS Controller (PDF)

AdonisAV HPS Digital conferencing system enables up to 128 meeting participants to engage in crisp and crystal clear voice, across the room. The complete system can operate as stand-alone conferencing system or it also gets
connected to external AV equipment or video conferencing system or unified application using standard set of AV hardware. AdonisAV Muse-HPS- Controller is a Central Audio Controller with inbuilt Digital Signal Processors, 2U rack mountable equipment featuring Audio Processing with Audio as well as Central Control. Based on embedded controlling software in all the system components the complete system serves as a single solution to achieve audio conferencing needs along with Look at me enables Video conferencing integration.

Highlights & Features
  • Smart Mixing

  • Built in high-end dual CPU processor for meeting heavy processing requirements. The core has 96-bit and 50MIPS digital audio signal processor

  • 2x 25 Watts @ 4 Ω amplifier inbuilt

  • Output audio volume is adjustable, supports equalization, feedback suppression and noise cancellation algorithms

  • Supports multiple chairman units with number of open microphones up to 8

  • Conferencing Modes: Normal Mode, Voice Mode

  • RS-232 Port and RS-485 Port. Gets integrated with AdonisAV PTZ Camera series to achieve Look at Me Function

  • Audio Output: balanced & unbalanced

  • Audio Input: balanced & unbalanced

  • RJ-45 Control Port for conferencing management and monitoring

  • Board Rooms

  • Classrooms, Seminar Halls

  • Meeting Rooms, Conference Halls

  • Unified Communication& Video Conferencing Applications

  • Training Rooms

  • Distance Learning

HPS Host (PDF)
HPS Participant (PDF)
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