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HPS System (New)
HPS Audio & Video Controller (with Look at Me)
HPS Embedded Mics (Table & Gooseneck)
HPS Array Mics
HPS Tabletop Boundary Layer Mics
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HPS Audio & Video Controller (PDF)

Introducing AdonisAV  HPS-System (New),  which  is  the  pinnacle  of  conference  control  technology.  This  Digital conferencing system enables up to 128 meeting participants to engage in crisp and crystal clear voice, across the room. Designed  for seamless management of conferences, meetings, and events, this system boasts unparalleled connectivity and control features to ensure  smooth operations and effective communication. Equipped with  four RJ45 audio ports, this system effortlessly connects with delegate units, facilitating streamlined communication between  speakers and participants. Additionally, its RJ-45 control port integrates seamlessly with Camera Tracking and Switching systems, enhancing visual presentation and content delivery. Based on embedded controlling software in all the system components, the complete system serves as solution  to achieve all audio conferencing. Experience unparallel control, connectivity and convenience with HPS-System New the ultimate solution  for empowering productive and engaging conferences  and meetings.

Highlights & Features
  • Adopt  fully digital conference  technology,  in  line with  international standards.

  • Adopts advanced TCP/IP grid-based connection between PC & HPS Audio Controller.

  • AOIP  interface  for  transmitting audio signals over  the network with  low  latency.

  • Supports Power over Ethernet  (POE), with combined  "signal" &  "power"  transmission.
    Integration with HPS-CTS-41, can achieve  look at me  function and Video switching. 

  • ID Setting Management

  • The housing  is  reinforced with ground  to ensure ability  to  resist static electricity 8500V.

  • External power supply available  in case POE power supply  is  insufficient.

  • Ring architecture forms fail safe setup. Failure or replacement of one microphone doesn't affect the operation of other microphones  in  the system, making  it more  reliable.

  • Hot plug & play means no need  to switch of system  for adding microphone access.
    Number of Open Microphone Options: 1, 2, 4 or 6.  (Chairman & VIP Units are not Limited).

  • Four modes of speech: Normal mode, FIFO mode, Free mode, Apply mode. 

  • Functions available through CPU: Centralized microphone management, like microphone gain adjustment, forced on/off, and speaker information registration. Check-in function. Check microphone line status. VIP unit can be set through the software, VIP unit switch  is not  limited by number of open conference units and speaking mode.

  • Board Rooms & Court Rooms

  • Classrooms, Seminar Halls

  • Meeting Rooms, Conference Halls

  • Unified Communication& Video Conferencing Applications

  • Training Rooms

  • Distance Learning

HPS Table Embedded
HPS Gooseneck Embedded
HPS Base for Embedded
HPS Wall Touch Panel
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